Criminal Justice - Adult perpetrators of misdemeanours



Source and methods of data collection


On the basis of the Official Statistics Act (NN, Nos 103/03, 75/09, 59/12 and 12/13 – consolidated text), data on misdemeanours committed by adult persons are collected by regular statistical survey, which use the statistical report entitled the Statistical Report for Accused Adult against Whom Misdemeanour Proceedings Have Been Validly Concluded (SPK-1 form).


Statistical reports are filled in by competent misdemeanour courts as well as by competent state administration bodies, authorised to adjudicate in misdemeanour proceedings: tax administration offices, regional customs offices, harbour master’s offices, management body of air traffic and financial inspectorate.


The Misdemeanour Act (NN, Nos 107/07, 39/13, 157/13, 110/15 and 70/17) was put into effect on 1 January 2008 and, since then, it has been applied in statistical surveys.





The statistical survey covers all adult perpetrators of misdemeanours in order to examine the volume and spread of misdemeanours for the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia.





Misdemeanours are conducts that violate or threaten public order, social discipline or other social values guaranteed and protected by the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, national and international laws, the protection of which is not possible without the misdemeanour system of sanctions and is not achieved through the penal coercion.


In regard of statistical surveys, misdemeanours cover an occurrence that starts with reporting a committed misdemeanour and ends with a valid conclusion of proceedings done by a competent misdemeanour body.


Adult perpetrator of misdemeanour is a person who turned 18 at the time of committing a misdemeanour, and against whom misdemeanour proceedings have been validly concluded by either a decision on termination of the proceedings, judgement on rejection of charges, judgement of acquittal, or a decision by which person is found guilty.


Starting from the 2018 reference year, the structure of the classification of misdemeanours used by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics has been changed in a way that the number of misdemeanour fields had been reduced from nine to four. Individual items of the classification of misdemeanours listed in cancelled fields have been included in the remaining four fields, which ensured the completeness of the coverage. Namely, the fields of the classification of misdemeanours entitled Work and safety at work, Education, science, culture and information, Health care, social welfare, health insurance and environmental health as well as a part of Administration have been included in the field Economy. The field of the classification of misdemeanours entitled General safety has been included in the field Public order and peace and general safety. Finally, one item from the field Administration has been included in the field Financial activities.


Since both the decision on rejecting the proposal for misdemeanour proceedings and the decision by which it is determined that the perpetrator has committed a misdemeanour while being mentally incompetent are procedural in nature, starting from the 2018 reference year, they have not been observed as individual modalities of the Type of decision statistical variable anymore, but have been dispersed within the remaining applicable modalities.