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User help: How to browse the Eurostat website

Eurostat logoEurostat is the statistical office of the European Communities. It publishes the official European Union statistics and other European statistics, thus providing comparable, reliable and objective review of European changes.


Since 1 October 2004 users of the Eurostat website can browse statistical information, databases and electronic publications free of charge at


Eurostat's publications and databases are sorted by statistical themes. There are links to published news, publications and databases for each chapter. The methodological chapter helps interpreting data. Main indicators of each chapter are organised into tables. Detailed information can be found in databases that help create tables and their screen presentation or downloading. Registration is required for creation of more detailed requests. Statistical publications are released on the Eurostat website in pdf form.


ESDS - European Statistical Data Support

Providing free access to data, Eurostat has in cooperation with central statistical bureaus founded a network of national centres called the European Statistical Data Support (ESDS) as a help to users of European statistical information.


ESDS is a service that help you find statistical information of the European Union and euro area countries, as well as guide you to the member states and the candidate states. The Eurostat website contains statistical data, notes on methodology, publications and many other services.


You can find the detailed information on this service on the Eurostat website by clicking at Help/User support 


Since 1 October 2007 this service has been, in cooperation with Eurostat, provided by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, Statistical Information and Documentation Division. The aim is to help the users find relevant data and information available free on the Eurostat website and in databases. This is a free service.


The European Statistical Data Support provides:

  • Information on availability of the European Union statistics

  • Browsing through data/publications on the Eurostat website

  • Access to databases on the Eurostat website


If the required information is not available on the Eurostat website, feel free to send us your request:

  • by filling out the user form on the Eurostat website by clicking at the link  Hrvatska


Useful links:

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Data explorer – Full view

Eurostat's Classification Server (RAMON)

Statistics in focus

Eurostat Yearbook