Voorburg31st Meeting of the Voorburg Group on Service Statistics


Participants are responsible for covering all travel arrangements and hotel costs. Special room rates have been negotiated, with the hotels Esplanade, Dubrovnik and Central, for Voorburg Group delegates and their guests. Attendees can elect to reserve their accommodation on the registration page.

Prices are per room and day, and they include breakfast.

Hotel Single room Double room
HOTEL ESPLANADE 5* 155,00 eur 180,00 eur
HOTEL DUBROVNIK 4* 95,00 eur 110,00 eur
HOTEL CENTRAL 3* (superior rooms) 80,00 eur 92,00 eur



Opened in 1925 as a refuge for passengers from the Orient Express, the über-stylish Esplanade Zagreb Hotel is an architectural gem. Located within easy reach of key attractions, the city’s most iconic hotel combines art deco glamour with every contemporary convenience. Long-established as a haven for A-List movie stars, politicians, singers and artists, the hotel’s fairytale exterior and gracious guest accommodation make it easily the most prestigious hotel in Zagreb.

10 minute walk to hotel Esplanade


Hotel Dubrovnik, built in 1929 in the very center of Zagreb, is a mixture of traditional values and modern comfort. Located on Ban Jelačić Square, the main city square, the guests are offered not only superior comfort, but also the opportunity to simply step out into the heart of all Zagreb’s happenings.


5 minute walk to hotel Esplanade


Getting around the city is easy when you stay at the Hotel Central. We are located in the very center of the Zagreb, opposite main railway station and close to the bus station with a terminal for Zagreb.

All of the attractions, such as the cathedral, the Stone Gate, and the Grički cannon are not far away on foot. While going to the main city square, pass by the Art Pavilion on King Tomislav Square and Zrinjevac Park, whose colors at different times of the year will take your breath away. Government buildings and the business quarter are a short distance away with public transport.

Buses and trams are part of a good network that links the center of the city with others part of town and with the rich surrounding area. Trakoščan castle; Stubička dolina, which is well-known as the scene of battles during the Peasants’ Rebellion; or Krapina, which is known for the discovery of the remains of a Neanderthal man, will all certainly be worth your time.

All of our guests, whether they are tourists or on a business trip, appreciate our location because of the easy access to the Zagreb Airport. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there is a stop for the convertible “hop-on hop-off” bus and a Segway location for the complete enjoyment of the atmosphere and charm of Zagreb.


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